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At ElenaSalons, we’re thrilled to introduce the air touch hair technique to our esteemed clientele in Malta. This innovative approach to hair colouring is redefining the standards of beauty and personalisation in hair care. 

The essence of the air touch technique lies in its meticulous process. We use a powerful hairdryer to isolate strands for colouring, ensuring precision and a natural blend that traditional methods often can’t achieve. This approach allows us to selectively colour hair, creating stunning, sun-kissed airtouch highlights that seem to effortlessly blend into your natural hair.

Airtouch balayage, another service we offer, takes this technique a step further. By combining the air touch method with the artistic, freehand application of balayage, we create a bespoke, sun-kissed look. This method is perfect for those seeking a more pronounced yet natural-looking gradient in their hair colour. It’s an artistic expression, where each stroke of colour is thoughtfully placed to complement your individual style.

Our commitment at ElenaSalons is to provide a hair colouring experience that’s not just about changing your look; it’s about enhancing your natural beauty. The air touch technique is gentle on the hair, reducing damage and maintaining hair health. This aspect is particularly important in Malta’s climate, where hair needs extra care to stay vibrant and healthy.

What sets the air touch hair technique apart is its longevity. The natural, diffused placement of colour means that as your hair grows, the highlights and balayage grow out gracefully, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups. This benefit is something our clients in Malta greatly appreciate, as it allows them to enjoy their beautiful, dimensional hair colour for longer periods.

At ElenaSalons, we’re not just offering a service; we’re providing an experience. The air touch hair technique in Malta, with its unique approach to highlights and balayage, allows us to create personalised, stunning hair colours that reflect your individuality. Embrace this innovative technique with us, and let’s create a look that’s as unique and beautiful as you are.

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🏆 Best Extension Specialist 21/22
🏆Best Creative Hairdresser 21/22
🏆Best Color Technician & Female Hairdresser