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The role of a bridesmaid is both an honour and a responsibility, and every detail, from the dress to the shoes, plays a part in creating a harmonious wedding tableau. Among these details, the bridesmaid’s hairstyle stands out, not just as a fashion statement, but as a reflection of the wedding’s overarching theme. 

The interplay of hair length, texture, and the chosen wedding motif can make the difference between a look that’s ‘just right’ and one that’s unforgettable.

Understanding the Wedding Theme and Season

Every wedding, like a story, has its own setting and mood. The season and theme set the stage, and the hairstyles of the bridal party play a crucial role in bringing this vision to life.

  • Beach Weddings: Think loose waves, tousled buns, and braids adorned with seashells or starfish clips. The aim is to capture the carefree spirit of the ocean.
  • Rustic Weddings: Held in barns or vineyards, these weddings call for relaxed updos, messy braids, and hairstyles adorned with fresh flowers or greenery.
  • Classic Weddings: Timeless elegance is key. Think sleek chignons, polished buns, and hairstyles complemented by pearls or vintage hair combs.
  • Winter Wonderland Weddings: The chill in the air and the potential for snow bring forth hairstyles that exude warmth and romance. Loose curls, braided crowns intertwined with silver accessories or even faux fur hairbands can be enchanting.

Hairstyles by Hair Length

Every hair length offers a canvas for creativity, and understanding how to work with what you’ve got is half the battle.

Short Hair:

  • Chic Bobs: A wavy bob can be both sophisticated and playful, especially when paired with a statement hairpin.
  • Pixie Embellishments: Even the shortest pixie can be jazzed up with jewelled hairbands or delicate clips, adding a touch of sparkle to the ensemble.

bridesmaids hairstyles

Medium Hair:

  • Elegant Half-Updos: A half-bun or a twisted crown can frame the face beautifully, leaving the rest of the hair to cascade down gracefully.
  • Braided Crowns: A halo braid can encapsulate a regal and romantic vibe, perfect for a fairy-tale setting.

Long Hair:

  • Classic Chignons: This low bun, often situated at the nape, exudes elegance and pairs wonderfully with gowns of all styles.
  • Cascading Curls: Letting those long locks flow with voluminous curls can be breathtaking, especially when intertwined with delicate braids or hair vines.

bridal hair style

Embracing Natural Hair Texture

Every hair texture is a gift, and embracing it can lead to some of the most stunning bridesmaid hairstyles.

Curly Hair:

  • Volume and Curls: Let those curls shine! Whether it’s a voluminous ponytail or a curly updo, the natural spirals add a touch of whimsy.
  • Braided Styles: Incorporating braids can add structure and design, turning curly hair into a work of art.

    Bridesmaid hair

Straight Hair:

  • Sleek and Simple: A straight, glossy mane, whether left down or pulled into a low ponytail, can be the epitome of chic.
  • Waves and Twists: Introducing soft waves or twisted sections can break the monotony and add a romantic flair.

Wavy Hair:

  • Structured vs Free-Flowing: Wavy hair can be tamed into a structured updo or left to flow freely, capturing the essence of bohemian beauty.
  • Natural Waves: Sometimes, less is more. Enhancing the natural waves with a bit of texturising spray can result in a look that’s both effortless and enchanting.

Trending Bridesmaid Hairstyles for 2023

The world of bridal fashion is ever-evolving, and hairstyles are no exception. As we delve into 2023, a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary flair is taking centre stage. Here are some of the top bridesmaid hair trends for this year, as revealed by hair stylist Elena, founder of

  • Sleek Low Bun: A perennial favourite, the low bun is getting a glossy makeover. The emphasis is on shine and precision, with every strand meticulously pinned back. Whether you opt for a voluminous textured bun or a sleek twist, the low bun is a versatile choice that showcases the neckline and any dress detailing.
  • Glam Waves: Channel the opulence of the roaring ’20s with voluminous glam waves. Perfect for those with mid-long hair, these waves cascade over the shoulders, offering a blend of drama and timeless elegance.
  • The 90s Bun: A nod to nostalgia, the ’90s high bun is making a comeback. Characterised by its height, volume, and face-framing strands, this style is youthful and playful. The bun’s placement can be adjusted for drama or subtlety, making it a versatile choice.
  • Effortless Ponytail: Ideal for summer weddings or bridesmaids who favour a more relaxed look, the effortless ponytail is both practical and chic. It keeps hair in place, preventing any tangles with accessories or attire while exuding a carefree charm.
  • The Braided Half Updo: Half updos have always been a bridal favourite, but 2023 sees an infusion of braids and twists. Tighter curls give a beachy glam vibe, and the inclusion of braids adds a touch of bohemian romance. This style also offers a perfect canvas for hair accessories.
  • Braided Up-dos and Fishtail Plaits: Braids remain a hot trend, with loose braids wrapped around the back or intricate fishtail plaits offering a whimsical touch. Especially popular for summer weddings, these styles can be enhanced with real or fabric flowers for a dreamy finish.

Accessorising the Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Accessories can elevate a hairstyle from beautiful to breathtaking. However, the key is to choose adornments that enhance the overall wedding aesthetic without overshadowing the bride.

  • Tiaras and Hairpins: These classic accessories can add a regal touch to any hairstyle. Whether it’s a delicate tiara for a princess vibe or ornate hairpins that add a hint of sparkle, these accessories are versatile and timeless.
  • Floral Additions: For boho or rustic weddings, incorporating real or artificial flowers can transform a hairstyle. Weave them into braids, pin them into updos, or let them adorn loose waves for a touch of nature.
  • Matching with the Wedding Dress and Theme: It’s essential that the bridesmaid’s hair accessories complement not just their dresses but also the wedding’s overall theme. For instance, a beach wedding might call for seashell hairpins, while a classic wedding might favour pearl-encrusted accessories.
  • Choosing Subtle Over Statement: While it’s tempting to go big with hair accessories, remember that the bride should be the day’s focal point. Opt for accessories that enhance the bridesmaid’s hairstyle without drawing attention away from the bride.

Hair Trials: Why They’re Essential

Imagine the morning of the wedding, the clock ticking away, and the bridesmaid’s hairstyle just isn’t coming together as envisioned. Panic ensues. This scenario, though dramatic, underscores the importance of hair trials.

  • Testing Before the Big Day: A hair trial is like a dress rehearsal for your locks. It provides a glimpse into how the chosen hairstyle will look and feel, ensuring there are no surprises on the wedding day. It’s an opportunity to see how the hair holds up over several hours, how comfortable it feels, and how it complements the bridesmaid’s dress and overall look.
  • Collaboration with the Stylist: A trial isn’t just about replicating a hairstyle from a magazine or Pinterest board. It’s a collaborative process where the bridesmaid and stylist work together, making tweaks and adjustments to achieve the perfect look. It’s also the time to discuss any concerns, from scalp sensitivity to the durability of the style.

bridesmaid hair by elenasalons in Malta

Hair Products for the Perfect Hold

The right hair product can be the unsung hero behind a flawless bridesmaid hairstyle. It ensures that the style remains intact, come rain or shine.

Sprays, Gels, and Serums:

  • Hairsprays: Essential for locking in styles, especially updos. Opt for a strong hold spray for lasting results without the crunch.
  • Gels: Ideal for sleeker styles, providing hold and shine. They’re especially useful for taming flyaways.
  • Serums: These add shine and smoothness, making them perfect for straight or wavy looks. They also offer protection against humidity.

Tailored to Hair Type: 

Just as skincare should be suited to skin type, hair products should cater to hair’s unique needs. For instance, curly-haired bridesmaids might benefit from curl-enhancing creams, while those with fine hair might need volumising sprays.

Hairstyling Tips for Bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid is thrilling, but it also comes with its set of challenges, especially when it comes to hair.

  • Pre-Wedding Hair Care: Healthy hair is easier to style. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, indulge in deep conditioning treatments, avoid excessive heat styling, and trim any split ends. This ensures hair is in prime condition for the big day.
  • Quick Fixes for the D-Day:
    • Flyaways: A toothbrush sprayed with hairspray can tame those pesky stray hairs.
    • Flat Hair: Dry shampoo at the roots can offer a quick volume boost.
    • Loose Pins: Always carry extra bobby pins for any hairstyle emergencies.

Coordinating with the Bride’s Hairstyle

The bride is the centrepiece of the wedding, and while bridesmaids should shine, their glow shouldn’t overshadow the bride.

  • Complementary, Not Competitive: If the bride opts for an elaborate updo, bridesmaids might consider softer, simpler hairstyles. Conversely, if the bride goes for a relaxed look, bridesmaids can add a touch of sophistication to their styles.
  • Creating a Cohesive Look: This doesn’t mean every bridesmaid should sport the same hairstyle. Instead, look for unifying elements. For instance, if the bride incorporates roses in her hair, bridesmaids can have smaller rosebuds. It’s all about harmony and balance.

For those in search of unparalleled expertise in bridal hairstyling, ElenaSolons in Sliema, Malta, stands as a beacon of excellence. With a dedicated team passionate about crafting the perfect look for every bridal party member, ElenaSolons promises a transformative and memorable hair experience for your special day.